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Dental Social Media Mistakes To AVOID !!

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These are the 2019 statics for the top social media networks.

Just imagine that you are just one out of 2.2 billion peopleת all standing together in the same place and what a challenge it would be to stand out in the crowd.

This is exactly what is happening on social networks today, with everyone wanting to be in the spotlight getting attention and exposure, and as the networks grow, being heard and seen gets harder and harder.

Think about it … the last 5 years has seen rapid and exponential growth in social networking and accordingly there is so much more content being shared.

Many dental professionals (dentists, lab technicians, hygienists, dental companies and suppliers) use social networks to promote their cases, clinics, courses and dental products. This is not always as easy as rules and regulations regarding paid promotion, specifically boosting of images with teeth, are restrictive.

Gaining exposure is not easy and many people are going about it the wrong way. In the past few years I have seen many mistakes, which I can summarize in two words ”Low Standards”.

I have identified 3 main categories of problematic posts:

  1. Bad Case Posts
  2. Over-sharing Cases
  3. Stealing Cases

Let me explain further …

  1. Bad Case Posts

Here, I don’t refer only to the sharing of bad dental treatment results, but also to the sharing of unprofessional and inaccurately represented work; bad documentation and bad photography.

Images are a really important factor on social media and this is one of the most effective ways in which to catch the eye and grab people’s attention.

Most social media users, when looking at their social profile feed, scroll fast through the posts, stopping only when something catches their eye. The majority of the time it is an image and this is why proper knowledge of dental photography, using either a DSLR camera or mobile camera is essential.

Over sharing cases:

What is the difference between a chicken and a fish ?


One of the differences between a chicken and a fish is that whilst the chicken lays one egg at a time and makes a loud noise when doing so, a fish can lay many thousands of eggs without making any noise. Another difference is that fish eggs are expensive but chicken eggs are cheap …

Why am I telling you this?
Well, I know some dentists who have done amazing work, truly life-changing cases, but you rarely hear about them or see them on social networks as they are not confident enough to post … and when they do they are modest about it and think they are not up to standard enough to share!
On the other hand, there are dentists who place a single veneer on a top model (she will still be a looker even if she loses her teeth!) and they act on social media as if they have saved the earth from the global warming!

Another problem is tagging 99 people in 1 post and sharing it in 100 groups forcing us to wake-up to and go to sleep on the same case for days ….
I think you now get my point.

So Please be a fish !!

Stealing Cases 

I have seen a lot of excuses such as:

  • I found this photo on the internet. (OK. But do you know who originally posted it. This case did not get treated on its own and I am quite sure that there is a dentist behind this work!)
  • My social media manager shared it without my knowledge. (Well, get a new manager and make his role only to share your work!  There is much to be said about dental pop stars with managers!)
  • I shared this case because I liked it. (Well thanks a lot for liking it! But it seems to me that the one thing you did not like in the treatment plan is the dentist’s name!)
  • I never said it was my work! (Well you never say it was not and you are replying to the comments with “thank you I’m glad you like it”, when actually you really mean to thank people for admiring your effort in re-sharing the case).


But the smartest dental case thief I have ever seen is an Instagram account of a dentist who in his bio states that he shares his work and top dental cases. I went through all his posts, and not even 1 case was his. All he was doing was sharing other dentists’ work on his personal profile.

Now why would he do this?

Well, his clinic address appears in his profile and in this way directs patients to his clinic. As most people do not read the text in posts, they just look at the photos and then go directly to the website or to messages to book an appointment. Doing this he is using the work and efforts of other dentists to promote his own clinic! I can just imagine the patient’s disappointment after their treatment, but then it is too late.

Personally, I believe the main factor for my success is High Standards.

Any business owner who holds themselves to high standards and does things in the way that they should be done, will find success.
Elevate your standards when it comes to your work and the way you show it.
Always work to improve your knowledge and your skills, take courses and read materials, look at what top dentists are doing and get inspired.

Never ever say this is my limit … Make the sky you limit!


thank you for reading . comment and share if you like it.

Masoud Abu Zant

Ceo & Owner of Denti-Pro

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